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About the Research


A holistic approach to internet audience measurement helps to provide data for planning online advertising campaigns. Developed by Gemius, the gemiusAudience research study is the standard in online audience measurement recognised across Central and Eastern Europe.


The Serbian internet market cannot afford to fall behind. Significant growth in the number of online audience has been observed over the last few months. Simultaneously, the knowledge about specific expectations of the quickly developing cyber-market has became more precious and financially profitable.


The strategic goal of the gemiusAudience study is to gather and constantly update data with a view to optimizing online advertising campaigns. Capable of reporting accurate usage data for key web sites on a given market, it provides publishers and media agencies with practical, easy-to-use tools for online media planning.



Advertisers, media planners and marketers are not interested in "users" or "cookies". What they care about is the "consumer". Consequently, the main goal of each market research is to combine the firmest methodological principles with practical needs. With the methodology developed for gemiusAudience, the study is a fully integrated, holistic internet audience measurement. The data, reported on a monthly basis, is presented in the gemiusExplorer software, which makes it possible to browse and analyse the research results. Read more about gemiusAudience benefits.



Apart from Serbia, gemiusAudience has been implemented in numerous other European markets. Depending on the local market characteristics, Gemius enters each market with its audience measurement independently, in cooperation with a local partner or with local Joint Industry Committees. - in some of the markets in which Gemius operates, the company runs a special service which provides free, publicly-available tracking of key internet usage trends and developments. The information provided can be used by journalists, students, creative designers and online publishers. Besides the Croatian market, Gemius presents data from Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.




If you would like additional information on gemiusAudience, feel free to contact Gemius.