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The gemiusAudience study conducted in Croatia integrates several research components to generate media planning data:


  • gemiusTraffic – a site-centric measurement system (collects usage & traffic data),
  • pop-up surveys – pop-up surveys displayed to a random sample of internet users visiting the enrolled web sites (collects socio-demographic and/or product/lifestyle data),
  • offline structural research – independent research, conducted on a regular basis using offline methods (describes the demographics of the internet user population).


The site-centric data used by the gemiusTraffic system collects traffic/usage data for all internet users who visit web sites participating in the research. What is more, Gemius also collects traffic/usage data for internet users who visited the monitored web sites and filled out the pop-up surveys.


These pop-up surveys are displayed randomly to a sample of internet users visiting the enrolled web sites. The platform controls the frequency of displays, non-repeat displays and distribution of displays across time and audience. In order to estimate the reach, Gemius eliminates the bias stemming from cookie deletion and ensures that traffic estimates in gemiusAudience are accurate and consistent with the site-centric tools.


The final result is media planning data based on a sample of over 60,000 respondents, describing all participating web sites in great detail. Indicators that are available as a result of the study are described in the Indicator Definitions section.


Data is published once a month and can report periods of one month or one week.


If you would like additional information on gemiusAudience, feel free to contact Gemius.